[knitting] Tasks for the weekend

Knitting things TO DO this weekend:

1. Block Sleeves for Starsky

Come on now, the level of procrastination on this has gotten embarrassing. I attribute it to not wanting the sweater to end. But really, it's probably not wanting all the sewing to begin. D-man is working tonight so there won't be any distractions.

2. Finish Cotton-Ease socks

Well, there is this distraction. This could also be why I haven't blocked the sleeves. I started these socks last Saturday and as of last night, I'm closing in on the toe of sock number two.

3. Round Dishcloth

I love the way this dishcloth looks when knit with variegated yarn. Thank you, Ravelry, for giving me new project ideas and allowing me to see how those projects look when knit-up by lots of different people with lots of different tastes. This would be a small, portable, easy project to bring to Whalestock Saturday.

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