[knitting] Patterns

This Tamara cardigan looks interesting. I'd just want to see someone knit it first.

Here's a vintage pattern: Dainty Bed Jacket. Why would you only wear this in bed?

Pretty lace-weight scarf - Pretty project for my one skein of Knit Picks Aplaca Cloud laying around.

These Boyfriend socks are very nice- a clean design with interest. Too bad the thought of knitting socks on size 0 needles makes me break out into a sweat. Maybe I can make a worsted-weight version.

You need a subscription to view this Lion Brand purse but I can tell you it's remaniscint of the Fake-a-gamo, which was a knit knock-off a Salvatore Ferragamo bag. This Lion Brand one looks do-able, I'd just change the yarn from Wool Ease to something more twiney.

Kitchen Hand Towel

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Shelby said...

Hmmm. I am currently working on a scarf (ok, two in different yarns, because I have ADD) very similar to that lace one. The pattern for mine is just:

1st row - k3, (k2tog, yo) to last 4 stitches, k last 4.
Purl even row
3rd row - k4, (k2tog, yo) to last 3 stitches, k last 3.

You do this over and over until you reach a desired length. Because of the k2tog's with no compensation stitches, the resulting piece has a definite lean to it (a bias, I guess?) but it seems to still be coming out quite pleasing to the eye.

I took some pictures of it last night but camera batteries went dead so haven't posted them. Will bring it to knit night next week anyway so you can see...