[knitting] Knit Together, Dye Alone

The uvKnittingClub met at Revolution Vintage last night. Seeing what everyone is working on is so cool: a baby sweater, a dinosaur, socks, etc. I worked a single crochet edge around the lace nightie with the dark suede yarn.

I Kool-Aid dyed a bunch of yarn from my stash this week. I realized, after the process was complete, that painting yarn isn't really intuitive. The weirdest yarn I dyed (a splotch of color here, a splotch of color there) ended up being the prettiest. I'll take closer pictures this weekend while I'm trapped inside with 12 - 18 inches of snowy mess being dumped. Ugh, it seems like we've gotten a whole winter's worth of snow in a one month period.

I just got some books in the mail from Amazon- Domiknitrix, Naughty Needles and No Sheep for You. Oh how I plan to crawl into bed and leaf through these.


Shelby said...

Please make it be May...please?!

I love the orangey-red yarn you had last night. I gotta make me some of that. Orangey reds and yellows are my favorite!

Kelly said...

We got a bunch of snow yesterday too. So much for spring! It sounds like you had a great time at your knit night. Can't wait to see your dyeing!

Have a great weekend!

scully said...

Sarah and I waved as we drove by your place last night on our way to Hanover for her birthday dinner. Did you see us? :P

Looking forward to the pictures.

(the revolution vintage URL hasn't worked for me all day)