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I finished Frank Miller's 300 last week, in preparation for the film. Great story, love the way the chapters are broken up, great art. Fairly bloody but the Spartans were born to get bloody.

Dollar and I went to see the movie Sunday afternoon. We were a little late because apparently 30 minutes isn't enough time to get to the only decent movie theater around here (Claremont, NH). The movie was good. Bloody and impressive to watch. The only thing I didn't particularly like was the animal violence. I don't know if I'm desensitized to men killing men, but seeing a horse get hurt bothers me.

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I recently read Volumes 1 - 4 of The Walking Dead. The story starts out in a very '28 Days Later' manner- guy wakes up and is like, "What's up with all the decomposing bodies lurching around, trying to chew on me?" The story focuses on a small group of people trying to survive- finding food, shelter and safety. I occasionally had to set the books down and mumble, "Too much... Bloody intestines... Blugh... Broken fingers... No..." This is the reason I couldn't stomach the Preacher series- too much gore and violence. What I am most interested in- character development- seems to be skimmed over. Time flies by, people die, everyone gets over it. Realistic, maybe, but I don't really care about any of the people who die because I either (a) just met them or (b) didn't know anything about them. I'm not too sympathetic to any of the characters. Maybe the story is meant to move along at a rapid clip but it's just a blur to me. I'm going to pick up Volumes 5 and 6 and see what happens. But in case the zombie thing happens sometime soon and staying in your emergency Armageddon bunker isn't an option, I'm going to save you a lot of trouble and tell you that you should head for the closest prison. It's secure but chances are you're going to be sharing space with some unsavory people. Better that then the walking dead. [Read the first issue online! Here!]

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Also read Volume 11 of Lucifer. The series is over and this is the epilogue. Loose ends are tied up, we get to see a few characters one last time, and Lucifer finally gets what he's been looking for this whole time. The series is GREAT and can stand on it's own, but go a head and read the Sandman series first.

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I read Proposition Player a while back. Nice, short one-shot trade paperback that could have evolved into a fun series- but only because Bill Willingham was writing. An interesting idea- guy accidentally gets people to sign their souls over to him. Both Heaven and Hell take a "What does this guy think he's doing?" stand and try to sway him in their direction. He does his own thing and it appears to have worked. The ending was a surprise but it felt rushed. I wonder if the editors were like, "Tick tock, Bill. You have to wrap the story up in the next 20 pages." A fun read. Better to get from the library or borrow from a friend than add to your collection (if your space is limited).

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Erin said...

I feel the same way about animal violence in movies. I was actually having a conversation with someone about it the other day. I seem to be able to handle humans hurting other humans, but when animals get hurt, it just makes me upset.