[cooking] A whole world of food

AMY: Ram's coming over in a bit.


AMY: You want to go out to eat? All of us?


AMY: Or I could cook something.

DOLLAR: You don't have to.

AMY: Oh! I could make a curry! I bet Ram would like that. He's Indian. He likes curries.


AMY: Is that racist?



RAM: So where do you want to go to eat?

AMY: Well, I was going to make a curry but then Dollar called me a racist.

DOLLAR: I didn't-

RAM: That doesn't make you racist, Amy. You know I like curry.

AMY: Yeah, but I'm treating you differently because of your race. Like, giving you a kind of preferential treatment.

RAM: I see. Then that makes you a bigot. Not a racist.

AMY: Oh.

RAM: You just assumed I would want lentil curry-

AMY: That's what I was going to make! A lentil curry! I knew it!

DOLLAR: So where should we eat?

AMY: Yama? You feel like Japanese/Korean?

DOLLAR: How about Gusanoz? I kind of want Mexican.

AMY: And there's the African place in the Go-Go Mart.

RAM: There's an African place in the Go-Go Mart?

AMY: Yeah. It's actually really good. Thursday nights they do Southern Barbeque.

RAM: Like what?

AMY: I dunno. Ribs. Cornbread.

RAM: I'm not sure I'm in the mood for African-inspired Southern Barbeque. Let's do Gusanoz.


AMY: [sigh] Oh-kay.


Shelby said...

Do you have a good lentil curry recipe? I like curry but I've never tried to make one...

amy said...

Hmm... I don't. I've seen a couple online, but I'll try to make some and then post my own recipe here.