[knitting] Scien-twists at work

I had my sister over Saturday and we spent some time drunkenly dying wool. Well, I was the only one drunk but who doesn't find themselves slurring “Lessgo mix some Kool-Aid an' dye some wool, like a [hic] like a science experiment" after a few glasses of white wine.

I had my sister measure out equal amount of various blue, orange and yellow dye. She asked why there was no red and I told her about the French Market Bag needing to be over-dyed.

Measure the dye, label the paper:

Carefully separated pigments- I mean, flavors:

Add the water:


Add the yarn:


And you come out with:


Who would have thought that the yuckiest, pukiest colors would yield the prettiest yarn? The green and blues were boring, I like the tawny browns and the olive green. My favorite (and the color combination I'll probably use to dye my bare sock yarn) was the ice blue raspberry lemonade, orange and lemonade. It looks really orange in the pictures but it's a tad more subtle in real life. My sister liked the berry blue and lemonade combo- it's almost a heathery olive color.

UPDATE: If you're thinking about dyeing spun fiber as well, by no means follow these "directions". I left out stuff like the water being HOT and adding a bit if vinegar. Here's the basic how-to on dyeing natural fibers with Kool-Aid that I usually use.

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Shelby said...


The only thing I ever dyed with Kool Aid was my hair, in high school...and that didn't come out so well...but I think I might try it with yarn...looks more promising. :)

And drunken science projects are always the most fun, for sure. I've done some of my best tinkering when drunk...and only once did I actually cause any explosions. (Microwave...tin foil...you get the idea).