[amy] Still a bad person

What a busy weekend. Friday night I went out and got most of the remaining items for Bonnaroo. I'd say Dollar and I are 99% good-to-go. I just need to run up to my mom's to get her coolers, pick up some ice and PACK EVERYTHING.

Saturday afternoon I baby-sat for a co-worker. It consisted of me knitting on the couch while the kids slept. I heard the baby talking at one point and instead of letting her go back to sleep, I selfishly said, "Oh okay, you want to get up? Okay. More baby time for me, tee hee." The baby got up, ran around, wanted to go outside. I sat on the couch, thinking, "Maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. I just wanted her to sit quietly next to me and look adorable." So by 6:00 pm, baby was tired from not having slept enough and had a little baby-meltdown. But both kids were easy. The older one helped me translate what the younger one was saying: "Moh gee? Moh gee? What does that mean?" "She wants more juice." "Oooooh. Okay."

Saturday night I... What did I do? Oh yeah, I re-affirmed the whole "Amy's a terrible person" thing. Basically I felt like crap all of Friday. I was going to do some random acts of kindness to make up for it. Saturday night Dollar and I went out to dinner at our favorite Thai place. When the bill came, it was only $26. We've gotten cheap bills at this place before- which is why we like to go there. We remark on how great the bill is and I slur, "An that's wif my Fog Cutter an ev'rythan." Dollar looks for the Fog Cutter on the bill and sees it marked on the back. With the chicken teriyaki. They totally didn't charge us for some stuff. So I'm like, "We should tell them." Dollar laughed. I go back and forth between "tell them... no, it's their mistake, no TELL THEM, no wait, maybe God knows how we have to save our money for Bonnaroo so this is, like, a break or something... no, we have to tell them." So after much Amy-on-Amy debate, which Dollar watching with growing fear, I let him go up and pay the bill (he didn't tell them). I ran out to the truck, threw myself across the front seats and wailed, "Oh I AM and bad person, I AM. This was my chance for a random act of kindness and I pooped on it! WHY?!?! WHY?!?!"

Sunday I went on a walking tour of White River Junction. Very informative and unsettling. Then I went up to my dad's to borrow a 6-gallon water jug. I came home, did some chores and helped Dollar set up a temporary gazebo that we're bringing down to Tennessee. I pulled the table out of the back of my CR-V (which is the rear storage well cover), set up the new camp stove on it and practiced cooking outside. It really is a whole new cooking experience. To prepare, I brought a cardboard box into the kitchen, put all the cooking things I thought I'd need in it and went outside to chop/cook. I only ran inside for a couple things but we were able to have a red and green pepper stir-fry with chourico. No franks and beans on this camping vacation.

Then we stayed outside at the table with a citronella candle burning, enjoying the night.

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kaszeta said...

By the way, if you are still missing camping-type items for your trip, let me know, I have most everything.