[amy] On Weeks and Weekends

During the week, Boyfriend can't get to my place until after midnight. Instead of waiting up for him, I go to bed at my normal time and get up when he arrives. I used to wake up when he pulled into my driveway but I've become such a sound sleeper (or has he become such a stealthy driver?) that now I don't wake up until he's standing over my bed, staring down at me like a murderer. I feel bad that every time he comes over late, we have to go through:

AMY: [startled awake by a malevolent presence]

BOYFRIEND: It's okay, it's me.

AMY: [doesn't understand, starts to whimper and breath heavy, paralyzed by fear]

BOYFRIEND: Hey, it's okay, it's me. It's me. [reaches down toward AMY]

AMY: [kicks foot out directly into BOYFRIEND's groin]

BOYFRIEND: OH! [drops to floor]

AMY: Sweetie? Is that you?

I went to visit Boyfriend at his workplace last Thursday night. His work kind of relates to mine, so I kept a sharp eye out to see if any top secrety secrets were posted around on the walls, but no such luck. Those cunning mapping devils! Actually, work-related espionage was merely item number two on my agenda- I was bringing supper and some extra guacamole and salsa left-over from Book Club. My main mission was to get all of Boyfriend's co-workers to fall in love with me. Well it worked. I heard the next day from him that all his co-workers were raving about the salsa (and asking after the recipe) and now he has become quite popular at work. [sigh] This is just too easy. I cook for him, stock my fridge with the drinks he likes, bring him supper, give him massages, keep my mouth shut when he tells me to, change the oil in his truck, clip his toe nails- He's the puppet and I'm the puppet-master. ... Wait a minute. How do all these favors factor into my goal of dominating his life? ... Dang it! Back to the drawing board.


Saturday was a good day. The first meeting of the uvGamingClub met at my place. It was Dollar, Jason, Ken, Nik and myself. We played Bang! Nik was the only one who hadn't been to my place before and I felt bad when he came to my door, asking where to park since the driveway was full. I recall saying, "I dunno, man. Like, wherever. Maybe on the street. Um... Maybe around the corner, like, along Route 14. You'll probably be all right on the street there, though. I mean, hopefully." Could I have been any LESS helpful? A different group of people are showing up at my place this Saturday for a different game.

Saturday night I went to the Kronos Quartet with Boyfriend. What a great show. They got the oddest sounds to come from their violins, viola and cello. All I really wanted to hear was the suite from Requiem for a Dream. It was amazing. All I could think was, "Wow. They really are amazing musicians. This sounds amazing." And after loving these songs from a CD for so long, to hear it LIVE was moving. It was like someone turned on a faucet in each eye. I honestly couldn't help crying; water was just streaming out of my eyes. Which was so emotionally draining that I fell asleep during the last 15 minutes of the performance. I couldn't help that either.

Sunday was brunch at Gusanoz and lazing about. Monday was a holiday and I pretty much lazed about all day again. I'm getting closer to finishing the Kiri shawl. I'm only 5 or 6 rows (i.e. 5 or 6 HOURS) away from being done.

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DJ Press Play said...

So jealous...I wanted to go to the Kronos Quartet concert...for exactly that same suite of music from Requiem for a Dream. Lux Aeternal and some others. Everytime I listen to that it still moves me, and not because I see messed images from the movie flashing in my head, but something about those violins, I've cried before too...and I've never heard them live. Strangely enough, I used to run to those songs even. I have a few electronic remixes of those tracks...I should make you a CD sometime and pop a few on the disc. I should also show you the video I made; it's all these old war photos/and video clips to an 11 minute mix I edited together of those Kronos/Requiem songs.