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Last night I started putting my home Library in order. I already had some books shelved together- Literature/Fiction, Children/Young Adult, Graphic Novels- all arranged by author. Pretty much everything else was shoved/piled in no particular order (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Religion, Philosophy, Non-Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Poetry, Reference, Text Books). I also have too many knitting/crochet books for the little nook where I've been shelving them in my living room. And I've been trying to hold back from going on a cookbook binge.

The nice thing about sorting through the stacks was finding books I wanted but didn't know I had. What a surprise. I was like, "Hey, I've been wanting this book... I have it!"

I like having books because they come in handy. I had a dinner at my place a while ago and the subject of the earth's magnetic polarity flip-flopping was brought up. I got my Earth Science book and found the answer. Some geography question was brought up and I got my Atlas. The question of "sushi-grade" tuna was brought up and I pulled my Gourmet magazine that had a blurb on the subject. There isn't a question you have that a book can't answer.

I wanted something to read while the votes come in for next month's Book Club and chose Milk Glass Moon by Adriana Trigiani- One of the "I didn't know I had this!" books I found. So far it's only meh. I didn't realize it's 3rd in the Big Stone Gap series, so there seem to be lots of references to things that have happened in past books (and may explain why characters behave/act a certain way that doesn't make complete sense to me). Anyway, it's Lite reading.

P.S. I need more bookshelves.

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