[misc] Local Link Dump

  • Brand spanking new uvMix page.
  • I've been wanting to be a member of DigitalSpark forever now, but Adam won't sign me up because I'm not cool enough. It's like High School all over again.
  • This just in: Psychomat sides with strippers. What a suprise.
  • Angela updates Cheap Cheep.
  • You can witness Valerie's rapid descent into knit addiction at Knit Free or Die.
  • DJ TrollD for all your musical needs.
  • Tune into the uvScene for all the Upper Valley happenings (NOTE: This year's Valentine Auction is in the works...)
  • Dan Grover
  • Dr. Nik mentions the game of BANG! played this weekend (and the fact that he blew himself up with dynamite as Sheriff).
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