[cat] Ticks and Fleas

Tomorrow is a government holiday and since that means I don't have to work, I'm heading down to NoHo. I have, oh I don't know, about a dozen things I want to knit between now and Christmas and that means I need yarn. "I feel the need, the need for sp- Yarn."

This week has been kind of busy. I was suffering from Rage on Tuesday (a disease which appears to be running rampant across Paris and her suburbs) and left work a little early. I tried napping it off but my sister called and asked if I wanted to go with her to take Gatsu and Griffith to the vet. Sure, I say. When she picks me up, Gatsu is freaking out in his carrier- clawing at the grate. Griffith, who has been to to vet five times more than his brother, is slumped in his own carrier, resigned to his fate.

The plan was to get the cats checked out because ticks have been out in full force (and from what I'm told, it's quite late in the year for them). Griffith ends up getting two somewhere on his body almost every day and it's tough making sure that you pull out the WHOLE tick with tweezers without leaving the head under the skin. So we arrive at River Road and are shown into an exam room. Immediately, the door opens and a technician says, "Do you guys know that you have a flat tire?"

I stare at her. "Who does? You do?"

"Uh... No. You guys do."

Barbara looks at me. "Oh great," she says.

She goes off to take care of it while I stay with the cats. Gatsu is in scaredy cat mode (I cradle him with one arm as he burrows under my scarf) while Griffith sits on the table, looking me like, "Let's get this over with, hmn?" The vet comes in, checks Griffith's tick wounds (and actually scraped out a head from one with a pair of scissors), notices that both cats have fleas (FLEAS!!!) and applies some Frontline. Easy as pie.

Back outside, Barbara is watching a technician (who happens to have a broken finger) change the tire. Within minutes, we're off on the spare. Turns out, there was a nail in the tire.

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Kari said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about NoHo. And did you notice any store fronts for rent while you were there?