[amy] Northampton is awesome!

This past weekend was freaking busy. Thursday night I went to Curry-oke at the India Queen. After a couple drinks, I got up and sang Alanis Morrisette's You Oughta Know. It's nice angsty anthem for wronged women everywhere. It was such a hit that I couldn't hear myself singing over the 10 girls behind me screaming along with the lyrics. Therefore, I have no idea how good or bad I sounded but no one was covering their ears so it can?t have been too bad. After a couple more drinks, I got up to sing The Bloodhound Gang's The Bad Touch. As soon as the words "-so put your HANDS down my PANTS and I bet you feel nuts-" came out of my mouth, a light went on in my head and I think, I've made a huge mistake. I wanted to throw down the mic but I made it through until the end. Then I left.

Friday I went down to Northampton, MA to visit WEBS. I mean, Ram. I went to visit Ram. But WEBS... I thought it was just going to be a messy warehouse full of bags of yarn. For sure it was like that out back but the main store was... Amazing. Yarn organized by size (bulky and super bulk in the back), content (angora and camel over here, alpaca over here), children?s, novelty, color, spinning, weaving, knitting, books, bargains. People were pushing around shopping carts for goodness sake's! I spent two hours wandering around, looking at (and wanting) everything. Then I realized I was going to be late for lunch with Ram and Naomi. I met up with them, ate at a Korean restaurant, went next-door and did some Korean food shopping, walked around NoHo, stopped by a small Yarn store in town (where picked up the most recent Rebecca), got coffee and went back to WEBS to finish my shopping. Really, my whole day was spent doing things around WEBS. I ended up getting some yarn for birthday/Christmas presents but didn?t go as crazy as I thought I would. Ram and I caravanned back up to the Upper Valley that evening.

All in all, Northamption was an awesome town. A bit busy, but friendly and there are lots and lots of shops. Plus, it's a straight-shot down I-91 for me- The total trip is 105 miles from my house, 101 of which are along I-91. How easy is that?

Saturday morning I got up, did some knitting and went to meet Ram, Ken and Ken's friend Chris for breakfast. At the diner, I managed to dump a whole glass of ice water all over myself and the floor. While I was trying to concentrate on filling in the Sudoku from the paper, Ram and Chris talked about creating a computer script that could determine the Sudoku solution. I failed to mention this at the time, but I think doing these things (crosswords and such) are more fun if you accomplish them with your own brain, not the mention it helps stave off future dementia. At any rate, I'm waiting from Ram to come up with the Java application and we're going to have a Sudoku face off: Amy vs. Machine.

Saturday I knit and went to a rave, Sunday I went out to breakfast and read. Bookclub is meeting Wednesday night and I'm racing to finish The Time Traveler's Wife.

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Kari said...

Thanks for the NoHo review. I am really curious as to what younger people who are non-students think of it. And I like hearing that it was busy. Good to know!