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I haven't been to the BBC's Books Index Page in a while but it has apparently gotten an overhaul. It's awesome now, featuring sections on poetry, writing and other fun things in addtion to books and book club info. I especially liked The Big Read section, where a Top 100 is listed. There were many I had never heard of before and have now added to my Amazon wish list. Most of them seem to be tragi-love stories set around WWII, which sounds so British, don't you think?

"A Town Like Alice tells of a young woman who miraculously survived a Japanese 'death march' in World War II, and of an Australian soldier, also a prisoner of war, who offered to help her--even at the cost of his life...."

"A story of the difficult loves of insular Englishman Charles Ryder, and his peculiarly intense relationship with the wealthy but dysfunctional family that inhabited Brideshead. Taking place in the years after World War II, Brideshead Revisited shows us a part of upper-class English culture that has been disappearing steadily."

Okay, that's just a couple examples, but there are many others I must check out now. Rebecca:arguably the most famous and well-loved gothic novel of the 20th century; The Woman in White: Secrets, mistaken identities, surprise revelations, amnesia, locked rooms and locked asylums, and an unorthodox villain made this mystery thriller an instant success when it first appeared in 1860; Magician: To the forest on the shore of the Kingdom of the Isles, the orphan Pug came to study with the master magician Kulgan. But though his courage won him a place at court and the heart of a lovely Princess, he was ill at ease with the normal ways of wizardry. Yet Pug's strange sort of magic would one day change forever the fates of two worlds. For dark beings from another world had opened a rift in the fabric of spacetime to being again the age-old battle between the forces of Order and Chaos.

There's also a nice link to Gothic Literature.

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