[amy] Back on a Mission

I’m back. Last Thursday was a government holiday and I took Friday off as well, to give myself a four-day weekend. I’ve been playing lots of Halo 2 and it’s freaking amazing. Instead of choosing red or blue as your team color, you can now choose from a kaleidoscope of colors including pink, orange, brown, green, purple and yellow. During play, you can now jump onto moving vehicles and throw people out or shoot them (depending on the vehicle). There are all kinds of personal stats for you to enjoy after gameplay has finished (medals, hit percent, etc…) The new weapons are all right. Duel wielding is the most interesting feature but I still like the two-handed weapons best (sniper rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher). There’s a covenant sword that kills with one stroke but it’s only appropriate for melee fighting. And a few other new ones are okay but seem to overheat a lot.

Other than that, I’ve been knitting. Knitting like crazy. I made a poncho in two days. I started Saturday morning at 8:00 am and finished Sunday night at 5:00 pm. I did take some hours off to cook, eat, go watch a movie and sleep. I think it came out really well except for the hem. I’m not too psyched about the hem… Hem… Hmmm…. But it’s really warm.

The movie I saw was The Incredibles and it was awesome. Completely awesome. Like POWERS but better. The super powers they have are awesome, the CGI is awesome, the story is awesome… I swear, Pixar can’t make a bad movie. Having said that, everyone’s talking about what crap the new teaser trailer for Cars is and I have to agree. But I think this is the last film Pixar has to do with Disney before going their separate ways so maybe they just don’t care anymore.


Bill said...

I loved the Incredibles too but didn't you think the powers were just a tad too much like those of the Fantastic Four's? I mean, there are four of them. You've got the stretchy powers, an invisible girl who can make force fields, the guy's name is "Mr. Incredible" (ala "Mr. Fantastic"), etc. Still, Pixar rawks!

amy said...

Maybe it was a semi-spoof on The FF? Maybe you can't invent a superhero with mimicing another? I think there's an actual "Elastic Girl" in POWERS. So is Elastagirl ripped off from that?

I went to the movie with three hard-core comic readers and apparently Elastagirl is a shitload cooler than Mr. Fantastic, when it comes to using her abilities. I haven't read many of the comics, but I'm told that Mr. Fantastic will occationally stretch now and then, but doesn't do a tenth of the impressive things that Elastagirl did.

I think all in all, the Incredibles' powers are pretty standard in the superhero realm: fast (like the Flash), strength (like Rogue, Superman), elasticity (Mr. Fantastic), invisibility (can't think of one off the top of my head but my sure there's an X-Man who can do this), fire (one of the FF), lead (Colossus), demon (Hellboy).