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BTW was their Halloween 2004 Top Ten Book Sense Picks. Besides all the ones for kids ("Poor spider! She just wants to be a family pet..." "...a gentle story about friendly ghosts..." "..a wonderful message about the value of being generous and open-minded.") there are a couple that sound good. Like A Carnivore's Inquiry by Sabina Murray. The reviewer says, "This utterly fascinating, modern Gothic novel with a twist centers around 23-year-old Katherine, who has an eerie fascination with cannibalism and violence. Providing small historical vignettes, Murray highlights some of the most horrifying aspects of human nature. The conclusion will haunt you long after the final page." ... I- I have to find out more. I went to Amazon and read the summary; it was like reading about my own life and interests: "...she describes the way she picks up hapless author Boris Naryshkin on the Manhattan subway, coolly manipulates and moves in with him, drains him of money and sleeps with other men. Katherine's lack of conscience and absence of affect obviously go beyond neurotic and into psychotic territory... mother's insanity... unstable personality... fascination with cannibalism... increasingly sinister... deranged woman's obsession..." The reviews are only so-so, but obviously some people couldn't relate to the story. Pssshht, whatever.

The other one was The Night Country by Stewart O'Nan. The reviewer writes, "O'Nan's novel covers the days leading up to the one-year anniversary of a tragic accident in which three teenagers died on Halloween. The three survivors of that auto crash are as haunted by the accident as the three ghosts are haunting. An old-fashioned ghost story with a new twist!" The three- okay, it's the three year- and the three ghosts- the three... haunting... What? The hardcover is currently 60% off over at Amazon.

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