[travel] Last day in Amsterdam

The last day in Amseterdam we tried to cram in as much sight-seeing as possible. We went to Oude Kerk, Amsterdam's oldest building and church at 800 years old.

Oude Kerk. 800 year old church.

It was very quiet inside (not many visitors besides us) but so beautiful. They were doing a little restoration to different areas inside.


The floor was all decorative gravestones (the bodies had been removed)- the stone was so smooth after centuries of being walked on:

Engraved stones in the floor of the church.

Under the organ tower, decorative cherubs:

Under the organ, looking toward the ceiling.

And an area of fold-down seats had a different carving on every single seat. Here are just a few:

Wood carvings on the church bench seats.

We left the church and the red light district is literally on the other side of the canal. We went down a side alley to get to a cool bar that I thought Dollar might like and we did see red light ladies in full-length windows. We kept walking, rather than stopping to gawk (like some men were doing) but I was just like, "Huh. So... yeah. It's really a real thing." 

Anyway, the bar we were going to was the Excalibur Cafe:


Dollar loved it- it has lots of awesome paraphernalia on the walls (armor, swords, axes, rocket launchers, posters, etc). Since it was 2pm, we were basically the only people there but the bartender was friendly and played all the kind of music that Dollar loves. We left after a few and walked around. We saw some of the local fuzz:

Amsterdam beat cops, rolling through the red light district, busting up crime. We easily plotted out an entire season's worth of storyline for these two.

That evening, we went to an "escape room" in the Jordaan called Time Trip. There are two rooms- Jungle and Medieval, and you have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and mysteries to deactivate a bomb:

#timetrip #amsterdam. We chose the Jungle room. Had to solve puzzles to deactivate a bomb in 60 minutes. We did it in 64 minutes.

We asked for a few hints (you're allowed up to three) but still failed. We were so close (and it was a quiet night) that the person running the game gave us an extra 10 minutes to solve it.


Then we walked down to a cafe for a bite and beer. Guess what I saw on the menu?

Grolsch Stender. Non-alcoholic? Wtf.

Non-alcohol Stender. Tastes like disappointment.

Grolsch Stender. I had to order it even though it was non-alcohol. It wasn't good.

So that's it. We had a week in Amsterdam and we were pretty sick but I think we saw and did a lot. I definitely want to go back some day- probably at a different time of year. And I won't declare any tulip bulbs that I bring back (like I did like an IDIOT and they were confiscated). 

I brought home some nice Dutch food items that I'm still enjoying- cocoa, gouda cheese, chocolate, tea. Many stroopwafels were eaten there and brought home. And there are some recipes that we enjoyed that I'd like to get into regular rotation at home: dutch apple pie (of course), veal croquettes (kalfskroketten), bitterballen. I've also got to pick up some nice Dutch mustard- all their mustards were so good. We didn't have any bad meals or beers (besides my namesake above) while we were there.

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