[travel] Windmills and Canal Tour

At the midpoint of our vacation in Amsterdam, Dollar and I were both crazy sick. Coughing, flu-like sweating and chills. Because of that and since we were six hours ahead, it was kind of tough to get up even by noon. Not wanting to waste the vacation, I would still get up around 10, trudge down to the coffee shop, buy a cappuccino and croissant and sit outside to feed a pigeon or two (and then run away when two turned into twenty).

Then I'd head back to the hotel and try to rouse Dollar. One day, I was trying to gently shake him, saying, "Heeeey, I know you don't feel good... but, like, we still have to go out and see stuff. Sorry." He rallied and we went up to the train station to go 10 minutes outside the city to Zaanse Schans to check out some windmills. It was overcast and drizzly, but the sun came out for a second:

Got outside the city to see some windmills.

These windmills were cool- and I loved that they are still used. They were all close together and we went inside to see a couple. 



Inside the saw mill, we watched a video on how the windmills are made and this little Dutch kitty came to get some pets:

I got some attention from this Dutch cat in a saw mill.

Back in Amsterdam, we took a canal cruise, which was great. It's totally a tourist thing to do with prerecorded audio but it was still informative on the history of the city, architecture and interesting locations.

Canal boat tour next.

Here's a spot where seven bridges are lined up over this one branch of water:

Seven canal bridges all lined up.

Canal cruise

The facades of the buildings have gables at the top (neck gable, bell gables, step and spout gable). Since the homes can be very tall and narrow, there are winches that extend from the top to hang a rope to move furniture up and down through windows to top floors.



After this, we just spent the evening in the hotel with takeout soup.

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