[vermont] 2015 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

Went to the Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday with my sister. It was a great day- cool but sunny. Looked like a great turnout and I was impressed that the festival has really improved on the food vendors present- lots of new options.

Alert sheepdogs waiting to perform some herding demos:

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

Walking through the vendors, I want everything (of course). How can you not?

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

I was really restrained this year- so much so that I contemplated going back on Sunday just to buy more. #yarnaddiction. I bought yarn to make a rainbow stripe study shawl, a skein of sock yarn and a small ball of wool to spin and enter at the VT Farm Show. That's it. I keep reminding myself that I already have an insane amount of yarn and fiber to spin.

I distracted myself with all the adorable animals:

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

And grump little felted creatures:

VT Sheep and Wool Festival

Looking forward to next year!

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Pusstat said...

I love looking at your pictures, especially those of your kittehs!

I don't know if you remember me.....I won some of your handspan on an auction to raise money on one of the cat groups on Revelry. It was heavenly - in fact you sent an extra skein along with a card with pictures of all the cats!
I have that card on my refrig - honestly.

Phyllis AKA Pusstatmine on Rav.