[misc] Murderface Monday

So, the weather has turned to this:

Snow, Oct. 18

It's cold and the cats have become extra cuddly. Murderface came to lay on my chest Sunday morning on the couch. Penny came up, too. I thought, "Aww they're going to cuddle together to stay warm" because I'm naive. Instead, Penny wanted Murderface to GTFO so she could have his space. She chomped down on his neck:

Penny and Murderface

Instead of breaking up, I just continued to take pictures:


Sorry, Murderface.

In the end, Murderface didn't budge (or retaliate- way to take the high road, buddy) and Penny ran away to find another spot rather than SHARE a warm spot. Not that it mattered, I moved Murderface to get up after a short amount of time. Poor guy- he just can't catch a break.

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