[spinning] Teal Superwash Merino

The Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival was a couple weekends ago. The fairgrounds are close to where I live, so I can go over easily. I went on Sunday (better weather of the two days) only for a couple hours- just to check out the animals and vendors. I bought a few things- some fiber to spin, some sock yarn. And a little woven rug for my cell phone.

It's been a while since I've spun any yarn but I wanted to work up some fiber from my stash to justify buying more at the festival. "Look, I've spun 4 oz. That's why I can buy 16 more oz of fiber. See, it all works out."

I pulled out a 4oz bump of superwash merino from my stash (purchased at the VT Sheep and Wool Festival last year, from the Fiber Stash booth). It spun up easily into a squishy 2-ply worsted weight.

teal handspun

teal handspun

I've just finished spinning another 4oz into lace-weight singles that I want to Navajo-ply into sock yarn. It took me weeks to spin evenly and thinly, but I can stop whenever I feel like and pick it up again the next day. When I sit down to ply, I'm going to have to do it all at once which I know will take hours. HOURS. Good thing I just started Dan Carlin's Hardcore History "Blueprint for Armageddon" series of podcasts. That's a good 15 hours of WWI history to listen to.

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