[knitting] DyakCraft DPNs

After I received my DyakCraft interchangable needle set back in January, I did what everyone does... Place a new order. The needles are that nice.

I placed an order for two sets of 5" double-pointed needles in a variety of wood tones. Then I forgot about it because the waiting is the hardest part. I finally received my needles last week.

Here's the set of larger sizes:

DyakCraft Needles

And the smaller sizes:

DyakCraft Needles

The only minor disappointment I have with the set is that they're obviously not all the same length. I actually measured the shortest needle and it was 5" exactly, so they're all at least that long. The US 1 set is the only one there that is all the same length. That's kind of disappointing to me.

Is it to be expected because these are hand made? Did I miss a disclaimer that said, "Due to these products being lovingly hand-crafted in Vermont by a real person and not a machine, expect your needles to vary in length by as much as .25 of an inch. Which isn't a big deal so don't freak out about it and go whining to your blog. Why does everyone need something to complain about? Can you just take stock in the fact that you have your health and family and complaining about .25 inches makes you look insane and petty?"

It's probably the waiting that's the problem. All this time goes by, then I get the shipping notification and think, "Here they come! They'll be the most perfect of the perfectest needles ever hand-turned by angels and picked up by cherubs to be dropped off on my doorstep. Clearly they've been working on these needles for 10 solid months- they're going to be immaculate."

Anyway, I'm just being nit-picky. They are lovely needles and oh-so-sharp. I've cast on for a pair of lacy socks and k2togs and ssks have never been easier. 


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