[gardening] Staycation

I usually take the week of Memorial Day off to do all my gardening. This year I actually put in a vegetable garden:

New garden.

Well, I had help. Someone came to rototill the area. We removed virtually all of the sod. Installed the fence. I still have to attach the gate. The soil here is really good- I raked it into long beds and planted onions (2 varieties), peppers (5 different plants), gourds (3 varieties), cucumbers, tomatoes. I have herbs that I've planted into a bed closer to the house for easier access.

I'm a littler nervous about this location since it's RIGHT next to some apple trees that deer frequent. But my great-grandmother and grandparents always had vegetable gardens in this location- and with no fence to boot. So we'll see.

Speaking of deer, I planted their favorite food in a shade bed behind the house:

Shade bed.

I ordered 6 different hosta varieties from Green Mountain Hosta Nursery, 3 large and 3 medium sized plants. I planted them all along the back of the house and they look so nice! I also got some european ginger for the deep shade areas around the deck. 

Around the vegetable garden, I need to tidy up the area around the outside of the fence and plant sunflowers along back, wildflowers on two sides and zinnias along the front. I need to do this soon since all these things are seeds and I want to get them into the ground asap. 

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Rebecca said...

I'm having yard envy. And what a beautiful view!