[cooking] Quail 'n biscuits

I've never cooked nor eaten quail before but picked up a package of six frozen birds at Hmart. We were having some people over for dinner, so I marinated and set them up to roast:

Six little quail ready to roast.

They were tasty little dark meat birds but kind of a hassle to eat for not much meat. There's no delicate way to eat these- you've got to use your fingers. 

The real hit of the evening were these biscuits:

Best biscuits ever. Recipe from King Arthur Flour, of course.

The recipe is Breakfast Biscuits from the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. I really only use two cookbooks in my kitchen - the Baker's Companion for anything baked and The Joy of Cooking for everything else. These biscuits are brought together quickly then the dough rests for an hour in the freezer. I used a metal dough scraper to cut nice, sharp squares before baking. 

I made the mistake of taking these out of the oven and then setting them to cool in front of guys. Hands started grabbing right away so I got small plates, butter and knives. So much for waiting to have them with dinner. I was lucky to get a couple for myself.

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