[cooking] Maple Whiskey Jelly Shots

For the past couple weeks I've been obsessed with Jelly Shot Test Kitchen. Such pretty and intricate shots- they're like little wobbly works of art.

I had lots of extra packets of gelatin in my pantry. After seeing panna cotta as the dessert of choice on so many cooking shows last season, I had to make it myself. I had never had it prior to making it myself. It was cream jello. We did not like.

But shots? That's a different matter. Those are small bites of boozy fun. I made my own:

Maple whiskey jelly shots.


2 packets Knox gelatine powder
1/3 cup real maple syrup
3 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons vanilla ice cream
1 cup Cabin Fever (maple whiskey)

Pour maple syrup into small sauce pan. Add water and gelatin packets. Let sit 3 minutes. Add ice cream. Over med-low heat, whisk until smooth and all the gelatin is dissolved- should only take a few minutes. Don't excessively heat the gelatin. Turn off heat, stir in whiskey. Pour into pan and refrigerate overnight. 

I used a meatloaf pan. I sprayed the inside with a flavorless baking spray and wiped it down with a paper towel, just so the jelly could come off the pan easier. The ice cream settled a bit to the bottom, which made the white layer. I inverted the slab of jelly onto a plate and used a sharp knife to cut into 1" x 1" squares.

FYI: Gelatin is often taken as a structural protein supplement for people who want some extra support for their spinal disks and knees. It's also excellent for hair and nails. Because of this, I classify these jelly shots as "health treats" ;)

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