[misc] Murderface Monday


I wanted winter to end so badly, I didn't think about the ensuing mud season. I barely made it to the paved road to run my errands on Saturday. Sunday it rained all day, making the mud worse. This morning, the ground was mostly frozen, so it wasn't terrible to drive on/over/across the ruts. Who knows how bad it's going to be this afternoon when it warms back up. 

This weekend I planted some cacti seeds in the house and set up little greenhouses in the window. I winter-sowed a few perennials and annuals. I'm blithely going forward assuming everything that I've sown will germinate. Every. Single. Seed. If nothing germinates, I'll just... I'll just set myself on fire! Just kidding, I'll probably throw myself on the ground and cry (kickin' it tantrum-style).

I've got some poor crafting juju hanging over me like a dark cloud- I made another bottlecap tray and mod podge coasters, neither of which came out the way I would have liked. Maybe I'll do some spinning- that always comes out nice and cheers me up.

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