[knitting] Kimono Scarf

Finished a scarf that I started in 2008:

Kimono Shawl


It was big project. It was lace-weight. It got repetitive and boring really fast. But, it was time to finish it. For good.

Here's where it was when I pulled it from the depths of my hide-it-and-forget-about-it bins:

Lace scarf WIP

About halfway through a ball of Alpaca With a Twist Fino. Pattern is Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls. I made it scarf-sized.

All finished and blocked:

Kimono Scarf

Not the most glamorous photo of it but it's quite stunning in real life. The lightness of the lace is very nice.

Kimono Scarf

I made a mistake on one row on this scarf somewhere (yarn-overs were shifted). I only noticed it when I had worked so much more past it that I decided it wasn't worth ripping back to. When I blocked the scarf, I stood and scared at it for a good 5 minutes, looking for the error. I couldn't see it and thought, "Fine. If I made the scarf and I can't find it, hopefully no one else will notice it. Ever."

My US 4 needles didn't fare so well:

Stained needles

Stained. Which made me wonder: If I were to wear this scarf with a white shirt and got caught in the rain- would this scarf BLEED all over my shirt?

The only answer is to gift this scarf to someone I hate and hope they wear it in the rain. 

Just kidding. I washed the scarf prior to blocking and it did bleed quite a bit. Took a few rinses to get most of the extra dye out. Hm. It should hopefully be okay. Will probably give it to my mom as a Christmas gift. And tell her not to wear it in rain. Or snow. Or fog or anywhere even kind of damp-ish.

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Boozyknits said...

I think I read somewhere that a wash with vinegar will help stabilize the color. Maybe worth a try?