[misc] Apple Picking

Went to Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, NH to pick apples last week.

Apple Picking

Their lower orchard, with rare varieties wasn't open yet (possibly this weekend, they said) so I went to the regular larger orchards where they have Cortlands, McIntosh and Macouns. I got a big bag of Cortlands and McIntosh. 

Apple Picking

I love apple season! 

Apple Picking

I've made a pie already, naturally. I'm trying to think of other ways to cook with the apples, in a savory manner. I don't have a food mill and I don't can, so apple sauce and apple butter and apple jelly are out. I think a pork loin roulade with a shredded apple/walnut/onion/bacon stuffing would be good. Yeah... that does sound good.

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