[cross-stitching] Super-big Super Mario

If you Google "cross stitch pegboard", you can see examples of large-scale cross stitch projects using workshop pegboard. I wanted to give it a try and picked up a 2' x 4' piece of pegboard at Home Depot for $8. I charted out the full size on a piece of graph paper and tried to come up with a design that I would like. 

Mario chart

It's-a Mario! 

For the yarn, I'm using stash wool and acrylic. It's all worsted-weight yarn, held quadruple to make it extra bulky.

Warp pipe - start

Warp Pipe - middle

Warp Pipe - finish

Piranha plant - start

I work it for an hour here and there while listening to Wrath of the Khans on Hardcore History

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