[misc] Penny Thursday

Murderface had a fine visit to the vet on Tuesday. Everything looks good (teeth, eyes, weight) and sounds good (heart, lungs). The blood work results show nothing to worry about. My reaction was: "Yay, I'm so glad... that I spend all that money for no reason." I kid- what's the price of piece of mind and all that. But still. I didn't know the blood work was going to be SO expensive.


Penny, who did NOT go to the vet, had to be soothed and coddled all afternoon. Murderface came home smelling like the "bad place". Penny seems remember that she was there for days for her stomach surgery and was forced to wear a cone at home because of it and have pills pushed into her mouth, etc. She avoided Murderface all afternoon, growled and hissed at him when she did see him (even hissing Santana, too).

Now, he was taken from me to have his blood drawn out back at the vet's. The way Penny was persistently acting, I did start to think, "What if this isn't Murderface? What if they brought me back a different cat and Penny's the only one that can tell? Like in the TV show V- and he's just a little lizard alien all covered with cat fur? No, hahaha... I mean, probably not. I hope."

When it was time for supper, I got a can of wet food and started clanking dishes together as I divvied it up. The cats started circling and Penny, as usual, began to rub against Murderface. She might have gotten a faint whiff of the vet again, because she froze and moved away from him, remembering "Oh yeah, I hate you. I forgot that I hate you, you alien lizard monster. Get away from me! You're evil!!!"

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