[misc] Penny Friday

Well, Penny's had an exciting week. Someone notified me that they saw Penny's sharkbed picture on Facebook, posted by World's Best Cat Litter:


Over 2000 likes! 

Then someone on Ravelry told me that E! News was posting pictures from Twitter tagged #myownshark this week in honor of Shark Week. I tweeted Penny's picture... and it was on air that night! She even sent me this video of it (I don't have cable tv). The volume on the video below is low- you might have to turn your speakers way up to hear.

Penny was on TV!! That's crazy!! Once she gets more internet-famous, maybe I can arrange a marriage between her and Maru. I'll need to start gathering stuff for her dowery: empty cardboard boxes... milk jug rings... crumpled up balls of paper... plastic soda bottle caps... Jeeze, I'm not made out of money. I hope I can swing all this.

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