[misc] 2013 Dishcloth Swap

I knit five house dishcloths back in early June and just received my five different cloths from the swap:

2013 Dishcloth Swap

They are wonderful and will surely get used and abused :) I really like being able to touch and feel new yarns that I haven't used before. That purple crocheted cloth in the front with a green center? The green is Sugar 'n Cream cotton, which I use all of the time. The purple is Knit Picks Dishie cotton, which I've never tried before. It's a slightly lighter weight that the Sugar 'n Cream but it's so soft. I would love to order some KP Dishie now. 

Awesome swap- I'll definitely participate again next year!

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Ellen Bloom said...

Hey!! There's my orange HEART cloth! Enjoy it. So nice to see that my little cloth is in good company.