[knitting] Desert Mittens

Knit a pair of bulky mittens:


It's handspun that I made back in 2008 and the colorway is Desert Brush. The picture above is a bit dark; I'll take a better picture after I weave in all the ends and finish a matching ribbed hat.

I did the Basic Mitten pattern from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. The only change I made was to shape/decrease the top of the mitten the same way that I would do toes of a sock and then grafted shut the top. As written in the book, you evenly space decreases around the mitten top, kind of like decreasing in a swirl. I've done this before with bulky yarn and you can feel nubbins on the inside of the mitten where the k2togs happen. I found it to be annoying. Probably wouldn't be as noticeable if you were using thinner yarn but little bumps under the pads of my finger tips detracted from the design for me. It was one of those "looks nice but feels kind of weird" situations which leads to you not wearing the mittens.

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