[misc] Murderface Monday


I'm back. I was on vacation for the week of Memorial Day and it was sublime. I usually take Christmas Eve to New Year's off and it never feels long enough or relaxing enough. I now realize that this is because it's too busy- making sure everything gets wrapped in time, visiting friends and family, etc. This past week was fewer days off but 100x more productive. 

I stayed at home to do work around the house. My new catch phrase is "I mulched it!" Oh hey, look at that over there. "I mulched it!" Look at that bush- "I mulched it!" What kind of plant- "I mulched it!" I weeded, ripped up turf, raked, mulched, planted, mulched. Dollar went around on the riding mower and showed me three spots at the edge of the lawn, near a rock wall. He was like, "Are these bushes?" I said, "I... I think so." We had planted them when we first moved to the house and they were so overgrown and hadn't ever been mulched, so... "I mulched it!" It was good working outside for 4+ hours a day on the sunny days. During the rainy days, I stayed inside to soak my aching body in a bubble bath.

Best. Staycation. Ever.

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