[misc] No pictures

Flickr did a major overhaul earlier this week. New web design and pricing/policy changes. It's all quite shitty. I understand that periodically you have to get used to new software and changes but there was no forewarning that this change was coming, load times are incredibly slow for me at home now, prices have doubled, etc etc etc. It's been three days and there are tens of thousands of feedback comments on how we don't like it. And not a comment from staff other than vague "We're listening." That's nice. That's... really helpful. Are you guys going to DO anything? Like offer a "Classic View" for people who want a simpler, more stream-lined look? 

So, I'm not uploading any new pictures to the site. In fact, I've downloaded all my pictures from Flickr and I'm going to move to ipernity if this indifference on Flickr's part keeps up. I've been w/Flickr since 2004 and a paying Pro member but if this is how they're going to treat users, I'm done.

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