[spinning] Tour de Fleece 2010

Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow, July 3, and runs until July 25. I'll be spinning every day. Dollar and I are heading up to Quebec on the 15th to catch the end of the Summer City Music Festival and I'll be able to bring my spinning with me. I'm not talking about a spindle... I got a new travel wheel! I'll take some pictures of it this weekend.

My goal is to spin the following:

Colorway: Pharaoh's Gold. Fiber is alpaca, merino, silk.

Colorway: Campfire. Fiber is BFL.

Colorway: Vineyard. Fiber is SW Merino.

I got these at the Fiber Revival last summer. Finishing these will whittle my stash down quite nicely. And I will only be spinning on my new wheel.


Sara said...

I can't wait to see those spun up...I'm betting they are going to make beautiful yarns...

gayle said...

Oh, those are beautiful!
I still haven't reached a decision on what I'm going to spin for the tour. If I keep waffling, it'll be over before I even start...