[misc] Muderface Monday

Oh to be a cat and to sleep in all the time:


I started playing some new boardgames on the Xbox. We've had Catan for a while but I finally tried Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Both are very fun and cute.

With Carcassonne you can play with or without The River expansion. There is also a couple expansions you can get (King & Baron, River II) but the regular game is very good. After roads and cities and monasteries are completed, they pop out of the board in 3-D and look different than unfinished tiles. It's very cool looking.

Ticket to Ride is very good as well. The game really helps you out by highlighting the cities that are on your destination tickets, then putting a green check mark on the destination tickets that you've completed. There are also an expansion for a Europe board that you can get. One small thing I like are the hot air balloons and zeppelins floating across the board- it's just a small background thing happening, but it's cute.

Sunday I ended up getting up at 7:30 am. I did some things around the house and at 9 I settled in with coffee to try out Carcassonne. When Dollar got up and came into the game room, I turned to him with bleary eyes and was like, "What are you doing up so early?" It was noon. Oops.

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gayle said...

Speaking of games, have you played Dominion yet? My daughter introduced us to it when she and family came to visit recently. Fabulous game!
Murderface always looks extra sweet when he's napping...