[knitting] Malabrigo Cowl

I had a skein of Malabrigo that I wanted to use. It has many pretty colors in it but I know that this yarn tends to pool (i.e. colors clump up- which I very strongly dislike). I cast on for a ribbed cowl- easy, mindless knitting. I saw some examples on Ravelry where people had knit this yarn in a twisted rib and it broke up the colors and minimize pooling...

Malabrigo Cowl

I cast on 106 stitches and *k1 through the back of the loop, p1*. Repeat between * until you use the whole skein. I think the cowl is 14 - 16 inches long. Long enough to fold over a bit:

Malabrigo Cowl

Working on this got to be tedious as hell (now I know why I don't see patterns for entire sweaters knit in twisted rib) but the resulting cowl is texturally interesting. One side has prominent ridges from the twisted knit stitches while the other side has nice, wide, smooth knit stitches. The yarn really is buttery soft. The colors are good and the pooling is barely noticeable.

I'm keeping this one for me.


Sara said...

That one is beautiful...I would hope you would keep if for yourself!

gayle said...

There you go again, making something beautiful at what looks like lightspeed. I don't know how you can bear to part with any of the pretties you make!