[misc] Murderface Monday


Had a nice weekend. The weather was great. I spent a few back-breaking hours on Friday in the sun with my mom picking young fern bracken to make a popular Korean side dish called Gosari-namul. We have a secret location and arrived at just the right time- the ferns were still young and curled tight. We filled up five large paper shopping bags. I hauled all the bags back down to the car at once and said, "I... think... we... picked... like... fifty pounds." My mom said, "I think we picked more." For real, we cleared the entire side of a hill.

Saturday, as Dollar was getting ready to go to the dump, I said I wanted to come along. Everyone seems so happy and relaxed at the dump for some reason. Then we went to Best Buy because he needed a new pair of headphones. I had been wanting a new TV and Blue-ray player for a while and decided to get it. A sweet new 40" tv, Blue-ray player and home theater sound system. It is... ah-may-zing.

I tried making breakfast pizza both Saturday and Sunday. I still haven't got it quite right but my attempts were still tasty- just a thin-crust pizza with a small amount of tomato, cheese, bacon, egg, and drizzled with a tiny bit of maple syrup when it's done.

Rock and Roll Summer kicks off this weekend! Dollar and I are going to Cleveland for a couple nights to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We're also going to see a couple big shows later this summer as well. Plus, we're taking next week off work to kick around the house with the 'Face. I've been eyeing my loom, wondering if I should try weaving again...

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