[spinning] MerSea Me

I picked up two 4oz bundles of pencil roving from a shop around DC last year. I don't want to name the shop because I had a bad experience. They are "bag free" but anyone who has never been there before has no way of knowing that. I put the roving on the counter, paid and there was this awkward moment where they say they're "bag free". As in: They do not have bags for your stuff and will not provide you with a bag. I was like, "I'm visiting from Vermont... I didn't know that... Don't you have a spare grocery bag or something?" They didn't (or wouldn't). And I didn't want to carry my delicate fiber out in the open, to the bar to meet co-workers, then to dinner, then back to the metro and back to the hotel. WTF.

But then they tell me they sell their own re-usable bags- I can buy one for five dollars.

Ooooh, oh oh oh, I get it now. You don't offer to bag your customer's goods for free, like a normal shop, but would rather force your customers to by one that has your logo on it for five dollars. That is so, completely, f'ed up to me. Don't pretend like you're doing the world a favor when you simply (a) don't want to spend money on plastic/paper bags to provide to your customers, and (b) force unsuspecting customers to buy your over-priced fabric bags.

Lois, at my local yarn shop, has a stack of purple plastic bags for her customer's purchases but more often than not, she usually just re-uses the plastic bags that her yarn orders come in. And you know what? That's okay! I don't mind! I like having the yarn I buy put into something that will hold it so that I may carry it.

But I digress. I'm just still pissed (a year later) that I had to buy one of their bags. And do you know how many times I've re-used it since I bought it? Zero.

Onto the fiber:


It is very earthy shades of olive and brown.

The fiber is merino and seacell- MerSea. The seacell adds a nice sheen, like silk or bamboo.


This is 4oz, two-ply. I've still got the other bundle to do. I spun this first one listening to Hardcore History episodes about the Punic War and Hannibal going over the Alps from Spain to invade Italy. I think that's right. Maybe I should listen to it again...

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gayle said...

Well, the yarn is certainly beautiful. So at least you got that out of the experience.
I'd still be mad, too. Though I think instead of buying one of their bags, I'd go to another shop and get a bag from there.
My LYS re-uses the bags the yarn is shipped in, too. Works for me.