[travel] Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival 2009

Saturday my sister and I braved the chilly wet weather to attend the 2009 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, for the first year at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds in Tunbridge, VT.

The festival looked like a ghost town compared to the World's Fair...


But I thought there was a good turnout considering the weather...

sheep fans

Misty fog settled into the surrounding hills:

gray day

fog and foliage

There was a sheep-herding demo (it looks like he's conducting the animals like a symphony... I'm sure one could find an analogy between the two):

herding demo

Animals to visit:


Friends to see, bunnies to pet, yarns to buy, fiber to pet and then buy, etc... I wore my holographic handspun scarf and brought it to the Fantom Farm vendor to show. The woman there was happy to see it, saying, "We never get to see our stuff."

Feeling a little soggy and cold, we left after a few hours. I saw some people walking around in wellies with their jeans rolled up. Me?


Yeah. I'll get it right next year.

I hope that the festival stays in Tunbridge. It's a good arena (lots of buildings) and I like how close it is to me now. My only complaint was the food vendors. I think there were only three. I waited in line at the lamb vendor for lamb chili and I have to say, the chili wasn't even warm. Standing in line for 20 minutes in pouring down rain for cold chili pissed me off. Next year it might be worth bringing a cooler with homemade sandwiches and drinks.

When I got back home, I took a looooooooong hot shower and then got into bed. Later than evening, Dollar took me out for an early birthday dinner. First, though, he surprised me with a stop at a jewelery store and I picked out a couple pairs of earrings. Very nice of him. Dinner was sushi and japchae at Yama. I know japchae isn't the fanciest thing in the world but I love it and I can't make it at home, so it's my favorite thing to order.


Joansie said...

I've been enjoying seeing everyone's pictures of the festival. I still had fun but I do feel the festival was poorly how about wood shavings or something to absorb some of that mud on the paths. There was no place to eat where one could stay dry. There weren't as many vendors either. Did find a fantastic restaurant on the way home, however.

Sara said...

I was so sad that it rained cause had it been sunny _ I would have tried to go...but, just getting over this cold didn't make me want get out in the cold.

gayle said...

I had a great time, even in the rain. So sorry I missed you - it would have been fun to meet!
I liked the Tunbridge venue just because I didn't have to deal with city driving to get to it...