[travel] Food in Germany

How are the eats in Germany? Good. It has been a little hit-and-miss because I have a "I'll eat anything" mentality, but once the food comes and I try it, I go, "Yeah... If I had known what 'Leberknodel und Saumagen' meant, I probably wouldn't have ordered it."

The first day here, I had a salad with salmon, crab meat and shrimp (in a mayonnaise sauce). It was good- the greens are really, really good over here.

salad with seafood

This is when I had the beer in the cool curvey glass.

The next day we walked the gardens and then ate at a brauhaus. I ordered something I didn't know off the menu (expecting a prezel, some kind of wurst and other stuff):

germany_day_2 217

brat soup

A pretzel sitting on top of a crazy amount of spiral cut radish, with a side of whole grain mustard. And brat soup. Right? Soup? No. A much more well-traveled person than I informed me (after the fact) that it's not a soup- just a way of serving the brats, in it's cooking juices, to keep it warm. But... I ate some of it like a soup. I mean, for crap's sake, it comes with a spoon! What am I supposed to do?

Anyway, I had beers...

Ritter Weizen

This one was tres yum!

sweet beer

This one was still on the yum scale, I guess, but only if I was in the mood for beer that tasted like candy soda. It was very sweet.

We went to a tapas place for supper and I got a plate of fried mackerel (again with the not knowing what I'm ordering)... It was good, though.

Fried Mackerel

The next night we had supper at the hotel, a fixed three couse meal. First the salad (I love you, vegetables)...


Then the main- Hungarian pork with caramelized onions and potatoes. The picture might not look appetizing but this is the best meal I've had so far- the pork practically melted in my mouth...


Tonight for supper, beers:


My coworker's is the darker one on the left, mine is the lighter one on the right. I ordered the Schofferhofer Hefeweizenalkoholfrei and as I started transcribing the name, I realize comes out as Hefeweizen alkohol frei. Yeah. Alkohol Frei.


I ordered it because the name was so long, which, ha ha, is funny right? Ha haha... Joke's on me.

For supper, I ordered Bratwurst, Leberknodel und Saumagen mit Sauerkraut und Bratkartoffeln.

Alte Pfalz "Teller"

Okay, Bratwurst and sauerkraut sound good to me, but I didn't know what the other stuff was. Turns out, it's just more meat. Meat in a link, meat in a ball and meat in a patty.

I just google translated it and apparently I had "Bratwurst, a liver dumpling, sow's stomach patty, sauerkraut and potatoes." I ate the brat and potatoes. The patty was good for a few bites but then I was all, "What are these white bits in it?". And the liver ball didn't taste good from the get-go. I'm sorry, Germany, I hope I have not offended you. I love your beer and pretzels.


RenateS. said...

Joansie sent me the link to your blog. Now, now Leberknoedel liver dumplings) are really quite delicious. But what I really miss(even after 47 years in the US) is Leberkaese (liver cheese), warm right from the butcher's oven. Oh my, my mouth is watering. The sweet beer looks like it is wheat beer with a rather large shot of rasperry syrup in it. At least that's how it used to be served. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Schwetzingen. Renate S.

amy said...

The waitress looked sad I didn't eat the Leberknoedel. It's completely me- I don't enjoy the taste of liver. I think some of the food might be an acquired taste, which I can completely relate to. I love love love kimchi (my mouth will start watering whenever I open the container) but my fiance thinks it's garbage. I guess it's just a matter of what you grew up eating.

gayle said...

I'm loving your travelogue!
You're a brave woman to order food without knowing what it is. Bless your spirit of adventure!