[travel] Jamaica, VT (and ensuing insanity)

I went to the Jamaica Fiber Festival this past Saturday. I met some alpacas, bought some yarn, knit on a cafe porch, weaved on a large loom and saw the best sheep shearing demonstration I've ever seen. The shearer was a great public speaker. See the set I made here:

Sheep Shearing Demonstration

I returned home and took a nap with Murderface. Later that evening, Dollar and I headed up to Higher Ground in Burlington to see a Henry Rollins spoken word show. It was very good. There was a crack or two about Ben & Jerry's (is this seriously all people know about or associate with Vermont?) but it was a very funny show. He has got to be one of the most well-traveled people in the world.

The weather was pretty rainy during the drive up and back. It was still daylight when we went up but the drive back was quite intense. It was dark (I honestly don't see too well at night), it was raining, it was the interstate, it was midnight and my gas light came on when we were still 40 minutes away from home. All of these things helped fuel my insane fear of a lone tailgater behind me. I was driving about 55 miles an hour and the car was right behind me. I hit the brakes in an attempt to get the car to go around but they slowed down as well. I sped back up and they did too.

Fearfully, randomly, I took an exit... And they did too! I start hyperventilating and Dollar kind of tenses up. At the end of the ramp, I turned on my blinker to go right... And they did too! Dollar's all, "Go left! Just go left!" Heart thumping, I cranked the wheel to the left and took off... And the other car still went right. We laugh nervous, relieved laughter. "Paranoid much? Hahahah." Then Dollar and I realize that were on some random route, futilely looking for open gas stations. There were none.

I have no idea how we made it home and didn't run out of gas. I've never driven my car on empty for so long before. I am just grateful.


gayle said...

It's scary enough driving at night in the rain, even without scary tailgaters. I don't blame you for being paranoid! I would have been, too.
Nice to know your car will go a long way on "empty", isn't it?

Sara said...

Oh, I wish I had known you were going to Jamaica - I would have asked if we could have driven down together...

I wanted to go - but, didn't want to go alone....

Sorry about the scary tailgater!