[knitting] I-Cord Gloves

Gloves are something I've never knit. I prefer mittens and the thought of making all those fingers on all kinds of double-pointed needles has kept me away. But I picked up a vintage Woolgathering that featured an ingenious way of making all those fingers: knit a 9 to 12 stitch I-cord, carrying the yarn across the back. When the finger is the desired length, use a crochet hook to pick up a stitch at the tip and keep picking it up the ladder.

Here are all my fingers. I used different colored cotton yarn to remember which fingers are which:

I-Cord Gloves

I am picking up the last thumb here. I've already picked up 5 or so stitches (below the crochet hook), with the rest of the ladder to go (above the crochet hook):

I-Cord Gloves

The picked up stitch is completely invisible. It perfectly blends in with all the other stitches. It's crazy. Crazy, I tell you!

It has only taken me a weekend to knit these gloves: fingers on Friday night, one hand Saturday, one hand Sunday. The worsted weight yarn helps to make this fast as well.

I-Cord Gloves

The only drawback is going to be all the ends to weave in and sewing together the crotches between the fingers. This pair is coming out small, so I think I might use a thicker yarn and bigger needles for the next pair.

By the way, these gloves are me procrastinating. I have lots of stuff I should be knitting for Christmas but... I just have to go with what my mood dictates and the I-Cord Gloves were calling to me.


knittingvee said...

wow! genius method. thanks for posting this - i have been planning to try knitting my first pair of gloves soon, and i will definitly be using this method. cheers, vera

Kit said...

What a neat way to do gloves. Now I may have to try that.

gayle said...

Very cool! I've seen references to knitting gloves this way, but yours is a great close-up view of the process.
Now if only it could work with colorwork... I'm knitting fingering weight gloves from Selbuvotter, and I keep having to stop and slide the needles back into the stitches. I hate that 'ping' sound of the needle hitting the floor...