[knitting] Finished Mittens

My first and favorite:- Squirrely Swedish Mittens:

Squirrely Swedish- complete

I washed them by hand and let them dry flat for a day. When they were still damp, I threw them into the dryer (in a delicates bag) on a low heat for a while. I forgot about them and they ended up bunched in the dryer for another day. So they look a little lumpy/bumpy.

Squirrely Swedish- complete

I loves these mitten so much. They are so soft I want to wear them all the time.

Squirrely Swedish- complete

My second- Icewine Mittens:

Icewine- complete

This project was good and bad. I love the pattern and colors but they are a little too tight and short (my fault for moving the thumb up a few rows to ensure the vines would sit at my wrist). I still have as yet to wash/block, so that will hopefully sort the few remaining issues out. If I could go back and do these again with the same yarn, I'd use US 4 needles, rather than US 2.

Icewine- complete

Icewine- complete

I'm happy that spring is finally unfolding and while I hate to bring up anything having to do with winter... It will be nice to wear these as I'm scraping ice or brushing snow off my car.


Anonymous said...

Did the squirrel mittens shrink down any?
I like the vine placement on the other set of mittens. Oh yeah, they both are some nice mitts but I am glad you won't need them until next winter... :-)

amy said...

I think they did shrink a little. The got noticeably softer.

I ended up giving the Icewine mittens to my sister because they fit her much better.