[embroidery] Sublime Stitching

I got this Stitch-It Kit ages ago but never delved into the world of embroidery because I was too preoccupied with knitting. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the thought of knitting with wool or having a heavy sweater in my lap makes me want to run the other way. So what's a girl to do?

Knit with cotton, of course.

AND maybe try embroidery. I highly, highly, highly recommend this kit. It does have everything you need to start- instructions, tea towels, embroidery floss, a needle, a hoop and iron-on transfers.

While Dollar works around the house, he keeps a little sweat rag in his jeans pocket to mop his brow or whatever- a habit he picked up from working as a stock boy at Dan & Whit's General Store back in the day. I decided to embroider a guitar onto each of the tea towels and give them to him as personalized handkerchiefs:

Embroidered Towel

And a close-up of the guitars (sorry for the different lighting):

Flying V
Gibson Flying-V guitar

Gibson X-Plorer guitar

I was just going to do the guitars but Dollar suggested putting his name in a corner. Or, better yet, his super-hero emblem- the Dollar sign!

Dollar's Dollar Sign

So far, the easiest stitch for me is the back stitch- but it uses twice as much floss. The split stitch didn't work out too well (see the black area of the X-Plorer) but I think it might work better with a different floss. I've tried the French knot (I am having trouble with it) and the stem stitch.

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