[amy] Zombie Raccoon

Things were busy last week so Dollar and I had a quiet weekend. Friday night we went out to eat at Gusanoz. I was all excited about going out with my guy so I put on make-up to look pretty. We ordered the verde specials which were very good. Back at home, I went up to the bathroom and caught a look at myself in the mirror. I grabbed Dollar and said "Look at this!" while pointing to the dark, smokey, sexy eye make-up that had crawled down my face over the course of the evening. "You know it's not supposed to look like this, right?" He shrugged. Maybe he really didn't know. I tried to explain it to him: "If we're out and you see me looking like a zombie raccoon, PLEASE tell me to check it out in a bathroom mirror or something! I feel so embarrassed! THIS is why the wait staff was looking at me so funny! God! I'm sorry! I'm so hormonal... [crying] I look like a junkie. This isn't funny."

Then we watched Apocolypto. It was a very beautiful movie. Interesting story, scary, sad and violent.

Saturday I watched more Buffy (onto Season 6!) and worked on knitting more clogs to felt. So far I've made (but not felted):

- Woman's Large, knit with Lion Brand 100% Wool
- Men's Large, knit with Patons Classic Merino Wool

Next up:

- Woman's Medium, knit with Plymouth Galway

At the end of the month I'll probably make a trip to Webs. There, I plan on picking up to following yarn for more clogs:

- Ella Rae Classic Wool (this is a closeout and while I'm loving the price, I'm not loving the remaining color selection)
- Valley Yarn, Northampton

I want to get a bunch of these made all at once, so they can be left by the front door for guests to use. I also want to see how the different wool yarns felt.

But the pile o' unfinished projects continues to grow. Tonight I have to weave in ends, block, take pictures, etc. I have to I have to I have to!

Sunday was chores: laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom, dishes, supper, etc etc etc etc blah etc. We had a very nice dinner of pan-seared boneless pork ribs, oven roasted potatoes, stuffing and peas.


Shelby said...

aww...that's why I don't even bother to wear makeup most of the time anymore. It makes me wicked self-concious because I've rocked the zombie raccoon look a time or two, as well.

Can't wait to see how your clogs felt. I really liked the way the Lion Brand 100% Wool felted when I used it for a was nice and solid-feeling. I don't dig flimsy felt! ;)

Anonymous said...

I still can't decide what I thought of Apocolypto. I liked it, but I didn't. (Although I hate subtitles, because I feel like I have to watch it twice to get the full picture.)The scene with the two tribes crossing paths remains etched in my memory, as well as the mother and baby in the under ground cave/well. Definately a strong movie, but perhaps a little dark for my superficial tastes. The "tree" scene horrified me, it made me tear up a bit.

amy said...

Which tree scene?

It was honestly too violent for me. I appreciate the subversive message of the film but I don't like seeing people killed or tortured. I'm sure that the viewers are MEANT to not like it and the graphic violence is supposed to MAKE you feel upset/sad/scared. But I would rather watch movies that make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

They are walking thru the remains of a village, and wondering where all the people went, only to discover them bodies of the entire village nailed to a tree.

Yeah, I'll take my superficial comedy over the violence anyday. Speaking of which, all the coincidental "accidents" in Hot Fuzz are much more my speed of violence.