[knitting] Clogs: pre-felted

Here are my clogs (view from the top, then view looking at the double-thick bottoms):

Women's clogs top

Women's clogs bottom

Here are Dollar's clogs:

Men's clogs top

Men's clogs bottom

I only just started weaving in ends last night (those are lots of ends to weave in!). I'm heading down to Webs this Saturday with girls from my knitting group and I plan on getting a couple pairs of suede slipper bottoms.


Joan said...

Wow, May, you are really cranking out the clogs. I love that pattern. I am using another FT pattern for holiday gifts this year AC81, the faux-Uggs. Take a peek at my blog in a few days for pics. Waiting for my sister to receive them. They are in my Ravelry notebook now.

Are you going to make the soles skid resistent?

PS..have fun at WEBS!

Joan said...

Duh, reversed my A & M. Dylsesxia kicking in again, Amy. ;-p

amy said...

That's okay. May. Army. I get it all.

I think I'm going to see what kind of suede slippers bottoms there are at Webs. They're a little pricey but hopefully will last longer than the clogs? Then I can always take them off and attach them to a new pair of clogs.