[knitting] Links

The new Knitty came out this week with all kinds of cold weather wear to make. I like the Corazon mittens and especially the Tiffany mittens. I have lots of different Knit Picks Palette in my stash, so I should be able to pick five different colors quite easily.

Besides those two things, I like Hexed. I've been wondering how to knit a hexagon (for a Settlers of Catan bag) and here it is.

Other pretty free patterns I've found and added to the "OOooo I wanna make that" list:

Inga Hat

Sampler Pillow: Not sure I'd make it in the colors shown but I think this would be a great way to sample some crewel (or regular) embroidery.

A new knitalong: Stranded: The Colorwork Challenge. Tons of stuff to ooo and aah over. And at the Flickr pool.

Squirrelly Swedish Mittens- so cute!

Star Wars charts

Last night a group of knitters got together and we knit our little hearts out. Two hats were finished, a good portion of a scarf was completed, a baby blanket progressed and a sock was cast on. We won't be meeting again until January 3 and by then I should have new stuff to show off. I hope. I'm taking the week between Christmas and New Year's Day off work and I want to spend most of it knitting.


Kelly said...

The new knitty is great my favorites were lauren and argosy.

Shelby said...

Yay for new knitty! Can't wait till my lunch break to peruse it.

Bummed that I missed Knitting Night, but I'm psyched that it's getting moved to Wednesdays for the new year. :)

I had a dream about you last night...random, I know...*laughs* I stole your boyfriend and you wanted to kill me. It wasn't Dollar, least, I don't think it was. But regardless, you were stalking me and literally wanted to kill me! ;)

amy said...

Aww, I wouldn't kill you over a DREAM. Hah hah. I'm not CRAZY. Besides, you said it wasn't even Dollar. Right? I can't be mad when people dream-cheat. I got mad at him once for dream-cheating on me and it wasn't a pretty fight.