[games] Game Surplus

So you've seen me recommend games and you want to buy one (hopefully) but you don't know where to shop. I'll tell you what place I love- Game Surplus. I've ordered from them several times and they've always proven themselves to be awesome.

One time, I ordered something on a Friday and I got it Monday. MONDAY. And that's with the regular UPS shipping.

Another time, I emailed them asking when they would be getting a game back in stock. They emailed me back within minutes. MINUTES.

Another time I placed an order, asked them to cancel it (they did, within minutes), placed a new order, wondered about getting charged twice, emailed them about it and they totally explained everything to me.

I've ordered games from pretty much all the major online retailers and Game Surplus is the only one I really like. They're fast and nice, we've covered that. Their shipments are well packaged and the prices are right (30% off retail; sale games are 50% off retail).

Read more about who they are. I [heart] Game Surplus.

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