[knitting] Winter Knitty + More Projects

Le sigh. The new winter Knitty is up. Remember how there were some things I was going to make from the fall issue? Yah, that never happened. What do I plan on not making this season? Namaste (by far the best yoga mat bag pattern I've seen), Tubey (great neckline), Bobblicious (looks cosy) and Thuja (nice man socks).

I haven't been slacking off, knitting-wise. I finished my scarf barf thingahmuhjig. I've decided to give it as a Christmas present. I'm almost done knitting a hat to go with another gift for someone. I've also got a special project to make: a double-layer sockyarn hat. It's reversible! For this hat, the wearer has requested that one-half be black with a green "leaf" on the front. I rolled my eyes when he asked but it's what he really wants and I'm just here to please (and learn new knitting techniques). Hell, it's not like I could say "no", I've knit two male thongs for chrissakes. But this is what gave me the idea to go looking for a reversible hat- one side for daytime, one side for nighttime. For the public side of the hat, I suggested Fair Isle (which I've never done), but he had no idea what that meant or what kind of pattern he would like. I found these Star Wars fair isle charts today and emailed them off- hopefully he'll dig them.

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